Okay I am tired of being silent! I am tired of living a life of quietly working for my kids, yet having them feel I am working against them, and having to referee all emotions & communications before I even open my mouth to say “good morning”…all because they think I am going to fight them like I fight the world on their behalf. I guess this is the cross the mother of Special Needs Kiddos bares and most of the world doesn’t understand it.

So starting today I am starting a file to put all my places that mess my kids over in! I will be reviewing them and telling the public the ones to Avoid and the ones to go to! Bare with me as I continue to file them better. But this way I can speak up and out and let others know what to look for, what is & isn’t acceptable, and still not have to fight with people at establishments. I can defend my kiddos but on a bigger scale then some low-life temp employee who doesn’t give a hoot about the future of that establishment’s future in the 1st place. Plus it gives the reader a chance to immediately see if its been an on-going pattern and if so for how long.

Are You Desperately Depleted?

This was posted on social media today and thought I’d share a picture of it for all to know what I’m talking about.

I think this should be on both ends of ANY relationship…and not just to females or males…it goes for a same-sex relationship as well!! Its Powerful Stuff and NEEDS to be said to BOTH parties!!

When we are opperating out of Fear (Fauls Evidance Appear Real) then its hard to show Love, Consideration, Respect, etc., for even ourselves let alone someone else.

How do we start the process when our society leaves us so desperately depleted in the abilities to show Love, Consideration, and Respect to anyone?

Here are a few tricks:

1. Fill your own cup first, then only fill others out of your own reservoir.

2. Set Boundaries avoid Limits; boundaries communicate wants, needs, desires, however limits are combustible!

3. Find a Spiritual Practice and Follow It. This doesn’t make you weak, it makes you human.

My list Doesn’t stop there but out of all the things you could, would, should, might do…those will bring the fastest balance and quickest happiness into your life.

Join me as we tackle many topics of holistic & healthy living…let me know what you think and what youd like to see!

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